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The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.
George Orwell.

You’re not a misfit just because you can’t make it in this world by conforming to a systemRelated image that not seeks to harm you but to utterly destroy you. You’re not a misfit just because you can’t measure up to the social standards that this current world system promotes. Do not envy people’s abilility to talk about nothing useful from the fake reality that has been created for them or they have created for themselves. I mean, people get serious over issues as social benefits, job postings & opportunities here & there, fashion, money, what is on TV among other vain pursuit talks so passionately. Don’t get me wrong, people generally seem to be nice & for the most part really seem to have good intentions to want to help others but when we listen to what people talk about today, we feel those intentions have been hijacked by the powers that be.

When we get a our mid crisis point & begin to question almost everything about life, then our conscious self is beginning to scream louder for our complete attention. At this point, when we begin looking back, we realise that we’re in this state due to programming & the TV has been a major factor to contributing to putting us under this spell of wanting to be anything or anyone else other than ourselves.

When television was invented, it started a new era of cross-cultural brain-washing multi-culturalism across the world. Although it had certainly help us to get to see the other ends of society by reaching a wider or broader audience, it can certainly be  also said that it has been the main weapon of gov’t & coperate propaganda to dumb down society in the most diabolic ways we can ever imagine. I leave the rest to your conclusions.

Today, most if not all of the social visions that we have about life comes from this aparatus & although some of you reading this might want to deny the fact, you most certainly will be fitting yourself in the opening quotes from George Orwell at the beginning of this post.

Image result for mind controlThere is more than enough evidence to proof that most of the standards that people set for themselves today comes from the television & this aparatus portrays a world so different from the real world in general. The subliminal images we get today comes from a well engineered & calculated angle of manipulation which makes us think that it has no effect upon in our lives. Yet, the effects are so obvious from our day to day activities, from going to study a career to achieve a particular skill or become an expert in a specific field as if we were skill-less from the beginning, just go on shopping spree to buy things that you don’t really need in order to impress people who don’t really care about you just because we have the aka “purchasing power” to do so. Talking about careers, what are the limits? There infinite amount of abilities out there but so limited what the current educational system provides. Well readers, as you must have known by now, it’s all by design & not default. They (the powers that be) have created these choices so that they can limit our abilities to achieve more than there is. Aha! Touché!

Morever the personalities who host TV shows / programmes sit on a set in a certain, with certain items on the set placed in certain ways & together with programme production, they give us these motion images & at the end of the this, they will have a couple of quick quips here & there thus subliminally setting the standard for how the viewers should think, act or even speak. Without really thinking much about it, we find ourselves unconsciously for the most part doing same things they programmed us to do. This narcissistic mindset is what becomes the norm for most in society & thus everybody begins to want to be anything or any1 else than themselves once again.

In a nutshell, try to give your consent sometimes to issues that really matter in life but under no circumstances should we conform for the sake of being like others because remember, “It’s always best to do what is right rather than what feels good.” 


Hear me out people! You’re not alone in your walk. I have encountered both singular & collective individuals in this short life of mine from diverse creeds, religions, ethnicities & nationalities who bravely rose up to defy the oppressor on behalf of the oppressed. As we speak some of them are dead, some of them have been forgotten, & most of them are unknown.

Resultado de imagen para freedom of speechThese individuals despite their vast cultural differences, had common traits which is a profound commitment to the truth, incurruptibility, courage, distrust for power, a hatred for violence but above all a deep empathy that was extended to people who were different from them even the people defined by the dominant culture as the enemy. These were & still are the most remarkable men & women I’ve met in this my short life on this earth.

To resist radical evil is to endure a life that by the standards of a wider society, is a failure. It is to defy injustice, at the cost of your career, your reputation, your financial solvency & in so often cases, even your life. It means to be a life long heritic; it is to accept that the dominant cultures in power, even the ruling elites will push us to the margins & do all they can to discredit not only what we do but above all our characters.

Whenever people like us take a stance against injustice in the face of tyranny, we so often left alone in our struggles. Our friends turn & look at the other side, our families disown us & the weight of isolation rest so heavily upon our shoulders. Despite these hideous times in lives, our resolution & convictions is that left for us to justify our case in the midst of wickedness. Ruling institutions such as the state, the press, the church, the courts, academia, maul the language of morality but still serve the structures of power no matter how venal the injustice because they are being provided with money, status as well as authority.

In times of national distress, these institutions stand as accomplices with their actions in collaboration with radical evil. Our moral institutions who have surrendered to corporate power become morally bankrupt of any justice. The utopian ideology of liberalism mask itself to promote same agenda of the wicked rulers of this world. In times of national distress, one has only to look at the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade with all of these institutions, including the academy, are complicit through their silence or their active collaboration with radical evil.

At this juncture, the bells of scripture only become more resounding as clanging cymbals to the oppressed who seek the Most High for refuge from the oppressors to which I lay the claim of the following scriptures as reference for faith:

Psalms 118:8-9. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.

Credits – Chris Hedges.

The Sleeping Giant

Imagen relacionadaAs the sleeping giant begins to find out the glitches in the matrix, the system is doing all it can to shut down what they have termed dissidents of the state. Every outspoken voices who dares question rogued states is being persecuted & even executed in a few cases. We are now living an age where any1 who tries to think outside of the box is being labelled as a terrorist. The worst part is that even the most basic of human emotions are being classified as a disorder, I mean just the mere act of getting angry at somebody is being classed as a disproportionate response disorder & this is leading people police their own for fear of being labelled all what not. Thus people are scared to think critically or even think anything outside the norm for fear of repurcussion of being classed as different or unusual & instead of speaking out, they’d rather stay quiet & for the most part & become passive or indiferent to what’s happening around them. Infact people are being trained to being robots.

The amount of toxins that our children are subject to these days, the cellphone towers pollution of our minds, the stuff they put in our drinking water, the stuff they’re spraying in the air & everything they are doing to our children is absolutely disgraceful that we are letting gov’t get away with such actions without lifting a finger for fear of being targetted. The kidz are suffering a very early sexual activation due to the pop culture industry rubbish that feeds into their minds, the cartoon industry (disney) portraying sexual subliminals to arouse the children at every tender ages. One could not only help ask what’s the agenda behind this dumping down of society.

Imagen relacionadaThe truth of the matter is that they have always & will always try to shut us down but if we give up before even fighting, what will become of the future of our children? Will we want to be remembered as parents who did nothing or even worst, accomplices of states who want no good for our own kind? As you ponder thru these thoughts, just remember we are the sleeping giant & they need us more than we need them. Remember, the system is only a concept that stands on principles & ideas that are not necessarily true if not utterly false all together. If there’s a time to choose a just cause to stand up to, it is now & let’s make our voices be heard loud & clear without hurting any1 in the process.


Resultado de imagen para technologyFor most of us who have witnessed the transition from the late 20th century into the early 21st century, we can agree on one thing that the major transformation that has taken place in our lives during this period is technology.

This technocratic era has made or should I say is making us view technology as being our salvation as we have come to depend upon it for almost anything & everything. We are gradually discarding anything that is not technologically oriented. Take for instance the skill of writing; most of us don’t really write anymore & the few who just begun learning how to do so, sooner find out they have some sort of dysgraphia which often leads to frustration. Moreover, we so often just text each other, use type writers as I’m currently doing hehehe… but still very few of us actually pick up a pen to write on a piece of paper. The likes of Ipad or notebook or whatever, seem to be the makeshifts for what was once regarded as an art used to transmit certain cultural aspects of our lives & the history of our ancestors.

It is not that the use of technology is utterly wrong, by no means do I imply so. In the contrary it is of utmost necessity in many situations. The issue here is that we are forgetting how to merge past knowledge with new ones. With the ions of knowledge that we have accumulated overtime, it is important we continue to see into the old ways of merging past skills with new ones rather than making them obsolete. This same could be said with our medicines; it is really important that we don’t simply depend upon medical science & pharmaceuticals & lose connexions with ancient plant medicines, ancient herbs as well as remedies that have existed for ions of years to which without, we wouldn’t be here in the 1st place.

The dangers that have been taking place during the transition of this technocratic age is that many of us have lost & many more are in the process of losing their basic human life skills such as writing itself. Many people don’t seem to know how to function in a normal environment like building themselves a home, learning how to sow a seed in order to grow their own food or whatever the life skills there are. In the process, we have completely become dependent on this system because through our education system we have not been taught any of the old ways. Instead, we’ve only been taught how to function within the parametres of this current economic technological system especially with the children growing up in the cities. The result is a generation of young people who are completely dependent on the system for its survival.

Resultado de imagen para technologyWhen we really think about it, it is really scary because we are talking about an era where we could witness the mass extinction of humanity simply due to the mass extinction of life skills suffered as a consequence of the current education system. Essentially, most of us have been trained to take anything for granted. Just take for granted that electricity is here, water is supplied to our homes for granted, take our friends, families for granted & just taking anything for granted. This is one of the major repurcussions of this technological age that everything has just become so supperficial & expected like basic health services, food etc. Many even expect not to have to take any responsibility for the actions of their lives. A state of utter dependence to say the least & therefore utter control upon the governments of the world.

In a nutshell, it’s vital that we shouldn’t discard our old ways of thinking & doing things in order to avoid being manipulated in ways beyond our control. We should keep doing all we can to teach our children basic life skills of survival in case the world should come to a stand still any point of this technological era. Teach them the skills of critical thinking.


59386bf619000022003e5112Moral bankruptcy is the state a person reaches when he trades away or violates too many of his core moral values and commitments. He may also lose important relationships either as a cause or consequence of his loss of moral commitments. Someone who is morally bankrupt may or may not recognize that he has reached this state. At this stage anything can happen, even the unthinkable.

The clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson in his latest book (12 Rules for Life) which clearly elaborate in this growing crisis of disconnectedness from reality when he rightly quotes in the second rule that “Compare yourself to who you were yesterday & not to who someone else is today”. This has always been 1 of my personal motos to compare me with me everyday & find out how to do better with me from yesterday to the me of today. How I wish every1 could reach this level of maturity.

So much a time people really just want to be heard & when with the growing trend of alternative technological ways of communication, we’re falling behind the basic morals of just recognising the presence of someone right infront of us. The worst part is that when we are faced with the fact that we’re losing touch with reality, the immediate reaction is Denial. What’s more is that some people may never recognize they have reached the point of moral bankruptcy. Denial, becomes the first gate keeper of rationalization & functions to maintain a person’s perception of reality. Denial helps a person to maintain a fiction in the cold light of fact. Denial is a perversely remarkable creative ability that carries a great potential cost.

To make things even worse, the state of this world today is so delusional that even the mere essence of rationality seem to be obsolete thus blame shifting becomes a means to justify our state of moral bankruptcy. Let’s put this into perspective; Rationalization is the ultimate form of excuse making and justifying after the fact which is clearly evident not just to the people around us but also to our common sense. When a person rationalizes, he attempts to maintain his understanding of himself and his commitments by shifting responsibility on to others. That ego keeps growing to a point of no return.

The good news: Some people will come to recognize when they have traded away or violated their core moral values before things progress too far. They feel pain, loss, or disorientation that pierces their denial; the haze that denial creates is lifted.  Once lifted, a person is able to see himself and world differently, which makes it possible to act differently.

Some others reach moral bankruptcy and begin to realize how they got there. They may recognize the good people they lost. They may see the effects of losing their moral commitments or living commitments that had become skewed. In short, they begin to see and appreciate the connection between their core moral commitments and vital relations. They may see that their moral commitments and priorities can only be lived in the company of certain others. And, they may see that some of their vital relations can bring out a best in them they had never even imagined.

good-quotes-lies-honesty-pics-pictures-images-sayings-e1432307325620While there’s still time, I hope some of us will get the help we need in order to get out of of the moral decadence we plunged ourselves into before it’s too late. As the old adage goes “The Fool is not One who is Mentally Deficient, but One Who is Morally Bankrupt”. J. McAthur.


Officially Flat Earther!!!

It has taken me over 2 years 4 months now in my research of the flatearth to finally make this declaration I am indeed a flat earther & never going back the ball earth. Before any of you start bashing me up, I kindly urge you all to study it for yourselves. If you don’t come to similar or same conclusion, fine but do not comment if you haven’t investigated the Flat Earth.

I’m officially beginning a series on the flat earth topic for those to whom this is new. stay tuned for more. Mind you all my arguments will be made strictly from the Natural Science perspective. Hope you enjoy the ride.

Mathematix is a Formal Science. As such Maths is a Language. Formal Science is all about definitions & formulas etc. Thus when we believe in the definitions & follow the formulas, we will come to certain conclusions that may or may not be necessarily true with reality. Most, if not all of the mathematical definitions become axioms. This means that when they (mathematicians) follow up their axioms & definitions, they come to conclusions that so often are Fallacious. In other words, the mathematician will believe in his axioms & definitions no matter if the outcome has or does not have any foundation the real world.  On the other hand, we have Natural Science which explains things in the most natural way why & how they happen. N.S. is the science that deals with the physical world, physics, chemistry, geology, and biology. There’s a  fair distinction between Natural Science & the Science of Mathematics in the sense that the previous is has all bases with daily life while the lattar bases its studies on theories, speculations etc. So, when it comes to making the choice to which is appropriate to believe, which would you choose & why?

natural science

Sapling growing from soil

hypocrisy-meteI thought this was worth sharing coming from someone who’s a public face in the entertainment industry.

“I cannot be part of a world where men dress their wives as prostitutes by showing everything that should be cherished. Where there is no concept of honor and dignity, and one can only rely on those when they say “I promise” .

Where women do not want children, and men don’t want a family.

Where the suckers believe themselves to be successful behind the wheel of their fathers` cars, and a father who has a little bit of power is trying to prove to you that you’re a nobody.

Where people falsely declare that they believe in God with a shot of alcohol in their hand, and the lack of any understanding of their religion.

Where the concept of jealousy is considered shameful, and modesty is a disadvantage.

Where people forgot about love, but simply looking for the best partner.

Where people repair every rustle of their car, not sparing any money nor time, and themselves , they look so poor that only an expensive car can hide it.

Where the boys waste their parents money in nightclubs, aping under the primitive sounds, and girls fall in love with them for this.

Where men and women are no longer ago identifiable and where all this together is called freedom of choice, but for those who choose a different path-get branded as retarded despots.

I choose my path, but it’s a pity that I did not find similar understanding in the people among whom I wished to find it most of all … “

Author Keanu Reeves 


This is for all men in uniform who’ve sworn into oath to protect society. One more call “Stand Up for What is Right!

Human Farming

gallery-thumb-slaveryHuman society cannot be rationally understood until its seen for what it is. A series of Farmers where Human Farmers own Human livestock. There’s a root for every evil; yet we persist in staying blindfolded to the Truth that we are being hunted by a befallen spirit which main aim to destroy us all.
Wake up!!!